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Welcome to this educational Website by Dr Vini G. Khurana PhD FRACS, neurosurgeon.

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This Website was launched on June 4, 2006 and its pages currently receive over 2 million hits per year!

A key aim of this Site is to be a valuable online resource in the field of brain surgery/neurosurgery. includes written information, illustrations/images and photographs and carefully selected links to some useful Sites on the Web that will provide brain surgery and brain and spine disorder patients and their families with helpful information. Links to some relevant books and free on-line manuals intended to help patients and their families are also incorporated into this Site.

The contents of are protected by international copyright laws.

Please read the Site Mission and Disclaimer notices. Hyperlinks to this Homepage and the Contents, What's New and Feedback pages appear at the top of each page throughout the Website.  

As new sections are added, they will be immediately listed in the What's New page, so please do check that page regularly. The What's New page also features a Custom Search Engine by Google to help you in your information search.


WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Click any of the links for information and pictures on:

  • Brain TUMORS e.g. glioma (GBM, astrocytoma, oligo), meningioma, Schwannoma/acoustic neuroma, metastasis, dermoid/epidermoid, ...or for a variety of related brain tumor links... CLICK HERE
  • Brain TRAUMA / traumatic brain injury / concussion and skull reconstruction (cranioplasty),... CLICK HERE
  • Brain blood vessel disorders such as brain ANEURYSM, arteriovenous malformation (AVM), cavernous malformation (CAVERNOMA), venous angioma, capillary telangiectasia, & more... CLICK HERE
  • Brain surgery ON-LINE BOOK and CRANIOTOMY pictures and info... CLICK HERE
  • Information on stereotactic RADIOSURGERY... CLICK HERE
  • Trigeminal NEURALGIA & hemifacial SPASM (microvascular decompression)... CLICK HERE
  • CHIARI 1 malformation & Chiari 1 decompression... CLICK HERE
  • Arachnoid cyst... CLICK HERE
  • Headache... CLICK HERE
  • Hydrocephalus... CLICK HERE
  • Spondylosis (degenerative spinal conditions)... CLICK HERE
  • Mobile phones and brain tumours... CLICK HERE
  • MED STUDENT & RESIDENT on-line neurosurgery teaching resources by Dr Khurana... CLICK HERE
  • A public neurosurgery FORUM with conversation threads where you can post comments... CLICK HERE
  • Neurosurgery KEYWORDS search page... CLICK HERE
  • General links regarding brain and spine conditions... CLICK HERE
  • Links to some neurosurgical academic centers and organizations in North America... CLICK HERE
  • Brain surgery patients' FAQs... CLICK HERE





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